The ORI keyboard will be sold through a raffle. The raffle will be opened in raffle will be opened depending on the project.

Each person is allowed with ONLY 1 entry.

In case you win, you will receive an Invoice later.

You have 12 hours to pay as from you get the invoice. If not, the invoice will be canceled and the kit will be given to the next re-rolled participant.

Especially, if you decide to use your winning, you must follow your slot to the end. You are not allowed to flip it to another or for sale.

When joining raffle, there are two regions to choose from: International or Vietnam (if possible) . Please consider carefully before joining.


You must prepare the list of information below:

Account Discord
Account website

Join sever ORI Discord

Make sure you have access to the discord / Account website. Because I will send the email after the raffle goes there.


Wait until the time announced, the raffle link will be active.

Step 1 : Login via Discord

Step 2 : Select options with the information that ORI provided previously

Step 3 : Summit and wait until Bruce finishes and sends the email.